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Whether you are searching for a good wholesome historical fiction book | accounting book or just to pass the time or gain a little nostalgia; looking for accounting books to give you advice that will help you manage your business more efficiently, you’ll find the book at Bud’s Books to meet your need.

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The books are also available on Amazon as either paperback books or formatted as eBooks.  The link to RG Bud Phelps’ authors page is – Amazon.com (Author: R.G. Bud Phelps)

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Historical Fiction Books

Two of the historical fiction books follow RG Bud Phelps ‘life series’ – Gibbon’s Secrets and Back in the Day and the Mill Park Mystery is a realistic historical fiction book.  All three of these books follow RG Bud’s writing style which makes for excellent easy readying, enjoy……

See the Special story about Bud’s 1941 Christmas Present in the Blog section – both Gibbon’s Secrets & Back in the Day have Christmas stories that will delight the readers on your Christmas list…

book-cover_gibbons-secrets_SMGibbon’s Secrets


book-cover_back-in-the-day_SMBack in the Day


book-cover_mill-park-mystery_SMMill Park Mystery



Anti-Nazi Task Force Adventures


Piano Meadows (Color)


Piano Meadow (Black & White)



Accounting Books

book-cover_cover-your-nut_SMCover Your Nut


book-cover_the-business-plan-and-beyond_SMThe Business Plan & Beyond


A Fish Tale



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RG Bud Phelps is one of the 50 2012 Winners Four Years of winning “The Author Show” Contest – 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading

2012 Winner – For the book “Gibbon’s Secrets” 

Winner for the book - "Back in the Day"
2013 Winner – For the book “Back in the Day”

2014 Winner – For the book “Anti-Nazi Task Force Adventures

2015 Winner- 50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading
2015 Winner – For the book “Mill Park Mystery







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