Video Interview of Piano Meadows

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The Author Show has created a video type slide show, including the interview itself, of RG Bud Phelps’ newest book Piano Meadows.

This video shows pictures of how the old abandoned cabins looked like up in the meadow, a picture of how William Bailey’s original ranch may have looked like, a picture of Horace Tabor’s Matchless Mine that made him earn the title of “Silver King”, a picture of the home built in Shiloh by Bud and Pat Phelps, and pictures of Riley Peak & Piano Meadows.  The pictures add substance to the story and bring things discussed alive visually.

As RG Bud said in the interview, it was interesting and fun researching the necessary information to develop this wholesome historical fiction family storyline.  The 1970’s family was real and their adventures in and about the area were true even though they may have been embellished a bit to make it a more interesting story.

Click on this link to the media page and click on the Piano Meadows video to listen to the interview and see the related pictures in the video slide show.


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