A Fish Tale, a new accounting book by RG Bud Phelps

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RG Bud Phelps has just published a very different accounting book.  A Fish Tale has been a brand new writing adventure for me, authoring a business book with a fictional storyline.

Too many times I have met individuals who are so involved with their own products or services, they absolutely dislike anything to do with accounting.  They either assign someone else to do it, or send all the data gathered through some accounting software program, to their local accountant for review and statement preparation.  In most cases these individuals will wait for their account to tell them what’s going on in their business (after the fact).

There are Key Principles of Practical Accounting that will assist a manager throughout the year in order to keep them up to speed as to what is happening in their business, both positive and negative.  Don’t have your “Stump Reports” stuck away in some file or drawer.  Allow the following Practical Accounting Principles to be your guide.

Principle #1 – Chart of Accounts

Principle #2 – Financial Statements

Principle #3 – Management Footprints

Principle #4 – Internal Controls

Go to Amazon and purchase your own copy of A Fish Tale by RG Bud Phelps, either as a paperback or a Kindle book.

Or, go to my website store, to purchase your signed paperback copy of  A Fish Tale by RG Bud Phelps.


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