Bud Phelps at the Nebraska State Fair for GROW Nebraska’s Fair Store

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The top picture is RG Bud Phelps reading from his book “Gibbon’s Secrets” at the Nebraska State Fair – the bottom picture is the book signing table supplied by GROW Nebraska at the State Fair Store.

Bud Phelps attended the Nebraska State Fair as a GROW Nebraska member, spending time at their Nebraska State Fair Store.  GROW Nebraska arranged for Bud to read from his book “Gibbon’s Secrets” at the stage area next to the GROW Nebraska Store in the Exhibition Hall.  Bud gave readings from various sections of “Gibbon’s Secrets” on Sunday August 28, Monday August 29, and Friday September 2 2011.

Also during the time Bud was at the GROW Nebraska Fair Store he stayed over throughout the day signing books and answering questions about his two books; “Gibbon’s Secrets” and “Cover Your Nut”.   The response both for the readings and the availability for the book signing was very good with a number of requests for signing sold books.

Bud was both surprised and pleased at the number of individuals and families either from Gibbon or having friends or other family members from Gibbon that stopped by the GROW Nebraska booth and asked about the book “Gibbon’s Secrets”.

The picture above is the book rack showing RG Bud Phelps’ books “Cover Your Nut” & “Gibbon’s Secrets” displayed at the GROW Nebraska Fair Store.


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