An Excerpt from Piano Meadows ~~~ 1971’s Thanksgiving at Conifer Community Church

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An Excerpt From RG Bud Phelps’ book – Piano Meadows

This November was our first Thanksgiving in Shiloh since we had moved up just before Christmas last year.  We did have a lot to be thankful for and were blessed with a Thanksgiving service at the Conifer Community Church.  The gathering at this little church brought forth a different mixture of people, of course mountain folks, and then the commuters who lived up here but worked in or around Denver.  We had quite an assortment of commuters; accountants and chief financial officers, airline pilots, insurance agents or specialists, law enforcement officers, mechanics and tow truck operators, military officers, office managers as well as clerks, professors, retail clerks, and teachers.  Conifer Community Church was pastored by a retired pastor from Denver named Havecost. Pastor Havecost was kind, resourceful, and preached his sermons from the Bible, with a pleasant but firm approach to God’s word.  Most Sunday’s several families would end up spending the entire day at the church; starting with Sunday school, the Sermon, a potluck dinner, and then Youth Group in the afternoon.  Special Sundays, like Thanksgiving, the church supplied the turkey, ham, and drinks; and the members would bring a pre-assigned dish already knowing the number signed up for the dinner.   It always seemed to work out fine.  One family took care of cooking the meat and making the dressing in the church kitchen and the other families brought the balance of the dinner, including yummy pies for desert…

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