Thanksgiving In Las Vegas – Anti-Nazi Task Force Adventures

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I wanted to share the Thanksgiving that George & Reg spent with Janet and Pat in Los Vegas as a special look inside the book when the two couples first met in the book “Anti-Nazi Task Force Adventures” by RG Bud Phelps.  The interesting part about this is Bud and Pat really did spend their honeymoon at the Twin Lake Lodge in Las Vegas and Mr. St. John was the owner.

Monday, Janet called George, “My folks wanted to spend Thanksgiving with me so everyone is invited to my Grandpa St. Johns for dinner, including Pat and you two.”

“Thanks Janet, Reg and I would love to spend Thanksgiving with your family.”

“I’ll pick you guys up at the Nugget at 11:30.”

“That’s great Janet!  I’m looking to being with you two girls again.  Hopefully the family won’t mind us being a part of their Thanksgiving.”

“Mind, my grandfather insisted and so did we.”

Thanksgiving Day George and Reg got up early enough to have a delightful breakfast buffet at the Nugget, and then would just relax until Janet picked them up for dinner at the St. Johns.

George and Reg were waiting in front of the Nugget when Janet drove up with Pat beside her in the front passenger seat.  Janet rolled down her window and said, “Hi guys are you ready for all the Thanksgiving Day goodies at the St. Johns?”

“We certainly are!  Reg and I have been looking forward to today and glad to be included as a part of your family’s Thanksgiving.”

“George is right!  We couldn’t ask for a better opportunity than to be able to spend this holiday with your family and especially you two.  How can you beat family, friends, and good food?”

“You’re right Reg; it’s hard to beat that combination.  This should be a fun day!  We feel blessed to have met and are able to spend time with you guys…”

Thanksgiving dinner was delightful and new friendships were strengthened even more as the day went by.  You could tell that Lloyd St. John was pleased to have his Granddaughter and her two friends joining the family festivities.


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