New Years Eve At the Brown Palace in Denver (Excerpt from Anti-Nazi Task Force Adventures By RG Bud Phelps)

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December flew by and before they knew it the New Year’s weekend was just days away.  Both of the guys had been corresponding with the girls; George with Janet and Reg with Pat.  So, Friday afternoon George and Reg were at the Denver International Airport to pick up the girls and the long awaited weekend was upon them.

Reg saw the girls first as they came into the baggage claim area, “Hey Pat and Janet, welcome to Denver!  We have really been looking forward to this time together.”

“We have too Reg; this should be a great weekend.”

Reg and George followed them to the baggage carousel, ready to pick up the bags pointed out to them.  After the bag retrieval Reg lead them out to his car, parked temporally just outside the exit door and they headed downtown to the Brown Palace.   After checking the girls in the four of them walked over to 16th street to window shop, people watch, and finally stop for coffee and sweet rolls.  They spent a pleasant afternoon together and then dropped the girls at the hotel to give them time to freshen up for the big night that was ahead of them.

Reg and George returned to the Brown Palace just in time to see a crowd of beautiful people all decked out for the Holiday Dance.  George found a house phone and called the girls to tell them they had arrived and would meet them in the lounge just off of the lobby.

“How did they sound George?”

“What a question, Reg.  I think you’re showing an increased attraction to Pat, is my good friend falling in love?”

“You know George, I do find myself really attracted to Pat and this just may be the real thing.”

George said, “I shouldn’t be so flippant; I am also finding that I have a strong feeling for Janet.  Isn’t it interesting the way this has worked out, it makes me believe that Chief St. John was playing cupid.”

Reg replied, with a faraway look in his eyes, “I know, but maybe it’s time for us to find the right ones to spend the rest of our lives with.”

Pat and Janet made their appearance in the doorway of the lounge and spotted Reg as he was heading in their direction.  When Reg saw Pat the sugarplums, left over from Christmas, were dancing in his head, leaving little doubt regarding his pleasure at seeing her all dressed up for the dance.  She smiled as she linked her arm through his.  Janet spotted George right behind Reg and quickly followed suit by linking her arm through George’s.  The guys lead the two girls to a dimly lit corner booth but before sitting down they presented them with beautiful orchard corsages for this momentous occasion.  The girls gushed with joy at seeing these corsages, making the start to their evening very special.  Janet helped Pat pin her corsage and Pat did the same for her, now after hugs and little cheek kisses everyone was seated.

“I am so pleased to be able to spend this weekend with you girls and have been looking forward to it since Thanksgiving, and I know George feels the same!”

“You’re right Reg you just beat me to the punch here.  We are blessed to be spending the weekend with two such lovely girls knowing that we are about to embark on a very special time.”

“Janet and I just can’t believe how quickly our friendships have blossomed, and this weekend will be one for the memory books.”

“Come on you people, stop this before my mascara starts to get messy!  I need a hug George.”

“That’s an easy request.”  George pulled Janet out of the booth and gave her a big hug while Reg followed suit with Pat.

Now that the pleasantries were out of the way, the two couples enjoyed this special time and were chatting like Jay birds.  They stayed in the lounge until it was time to leave for dinner, and another special time together.

The Brown Palace Dining Room was known for its elegance and the individualized treatment by a flurry of waiters at each table.  You just may hint at needing something and a waiter would appear at your elbow ready to fulfill that need.  The guys were busting with pride at being in the company of two young ladies who were dressed to kill, looking so gorgeous.  The dinner went well and the food absolutely delicious and the conversations so very pleasant.  The desert had been consumed and everyone was ready to head to the ballroom for the big dance.

When the guys escorted the girls into the ballroom it again was done with the pleasure of being in this special place at this special time with two special individuals.  The interesting thing was that all four were so enthralled with the evening that their smiles attracted smiles from individuals they came in contact with.  They danced and danced and danced until the mirrored ball was ready to drop declaring that a New Year was upon them.  At that point in time the two couples were locked in an embrace that was so very revealing.  Each one of them knew this was the beginning of a relationship that would be meaningful and long lasting.

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