Excerpts from Piano Meadows by RG Bud Phelps

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The year was 1870 and Joe, a young cowboy traveling to Colorado, was seeking gold and adventure. He was raised as a Christian and followed his father’s teaching to be humble, honest, and fair with his fellow man. Especially not to be judgmental. Joe had followed newspaper accounts of the Pikes Peak Gold rush in Colorado and was obviously touched with the “Gold Fever” like so many other young men of this time.  From Piano Meadows, by RG Bud Phelps

The year was 1870 and three Mormon families from Nauvoo, Illinois were making this Salt Lake City trek to fulfill their dream of living with a strong contingent of dedicated Mormons. They were led by their Elder from Nauvoo, Joshua, whose wife and fourth child had died in childbirth, eight years ago. Joshua’s family consisted of his brother Tom 25, one daughter Mary 20, and two sons Joseph 18, and Jeremiah 16.  From Piano Meadows, by RG Bud Phelps

The year was 1970 and a family from Wheatridge, Colorado made the decision to move to the mountain area, Conifer. This family consisted of the father Bud 38, the mother Pat 37, and three daughters – Bridget 13, Shauna 11, and Wendy 9. The family had taken many trips to the mountains on weekends; cooking breakfast near mountain streams, or packing picnic lunches. One weekend they took a drive up Turkey Creek Canyon, ending up in Aspen Park where they saw a huge sign next to a reality office advertising mountain lots for sale. Bud and Pat said, practically at the same time, “Let’s check it out!”  From Piano Meadows, by RG Bud Phelps

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