Historical Fiction Comes Alive in Piano Meadows

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Piano Meadows is a great way of expressing history comparisons between periods of time 100 years apart.

You will follow Mormon Pioneers in the 1870’s from a wintering site in Colorado all the way to Utah with each day of travel measured by how far a wagon pulled by a team of horses could really travel.

You will follow a young man from Nebraska following the Pikes Peak Gold Rush in the 1870’s all the way to Leadville, Colorado along with his partnership with Horace Tabor.

You will follow a young family that moved up to a beautiful mountain area in the 1970’s and how the three daughters share their adventures during the time they actually lived there.

I feel historical fiction is the best way for a storyteller to bring a story alive for his readers, so I suggest that you read Piano Meadows and enjoy these adventures.

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